Aside 9 Jan

BOO HOO….Some of you people need to get over the Dolphins thing, let it go..Saban banks $5 mil a year, trust me he has moved on! The Dolphins sucked, still sucked and will continue to suck long before and after Saban was ever in the picture(e.g Phins Management downgrading Brees’s shoulder!). Saban has the Tide rolling these days, its a thing of coaching and athletic beauty. To all the Saban/Alabama/SEC haters here on get used to it, There’s gonna be a lot of beat downs, a lot of Crystal balls and a lot of nothing from all those other “Football Schools”. The only school with a hope in hell of beating Bama next year is Texas A+M, and there in the SEC! Get used to it Buckeyes,Trojans,Ducks,Longhorns,Sooners and Seminoles, the Tide and the SEC will be rolling on!


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